Wine List

White Wine (Glass 4.50 ~ Bottle 18.00)

- Petals Reisling: Aromas of crisp peach, a fresh, pleasing wine that pairs well with chicken and spicy Asian cuisine

Pinot Grigio: Perfect with seafood and white meats, excellent as an aperitif

- Chardonnay: Medium bodies, ripe fruit and citrus flavors with hints of vanilla

Red Wine (Glass 4.50 ~ Bottle 16.00)
- Cabernet Sauvignon: Traditional black cherry and blueberry with toasty coconut and vanilla notes
- Merlot: Spicy cherry flavor, supple tannins with a hint of cinnamon

Blush Wine (Glass 4.50 ~ Bottle 15.00)
- White Zinfandel: Light, fresh with delicate fruit and berry-like aromas

Sake (Small Bottle 5.75 ~ Bottle 16.00)
Served hot, traditional Asian white wine

Plum Wine (Glass 4.50 ~ Bottle 16.00)
Sweet, light, Asian rose wine

Sakura (Glass 5.25)
½ Sake and ½ Plum Wine, a perfect combination

Beer List

Domestic Beers 2.95
Bud Light
Coors Light
Miller Light
Miller Genuine Draft

Import Beers 3.95
Tsing Tao (China)
Singha (Thailand)
Kirin (Japan)
Tiger (Singapore)
Saigon Export (Vietnamese)

Non Alcoholic

Soft Drinks 2.25
Diet Coke
Dr. Pepper


Vietnamese Iced Coffee 2.75
Drip black coffee with sweet condensed milk, served hot or cold

Cranberry Ginger Iced Tea 2.75

Thai Iced Tea 2.75
Traditional to Thailand, milk and Thai spiced tea

Avocado Mango Smooth 4.25
Avocado, mango, lime smooth

Mango Mango 4.25
Mango, strawberry, lemonade with crushed ice

Orange Vanilla Milkshake 4.25
Sweet oranges and creamy vanilla yogurt

Banana Crush 4.25
Fresh strawberries and banana with vanilla yogurt

Fruit Punch 4.25
Orange juice, strawberries, and cherries with crushed ice

Peach Green Tea Freeze 4.25
Sweet peaches, mango and green tea with crushed ice

Sunshine Smoothie 4.25
Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple with frozen yogurt

Coconut Milk Punch 4.25
Sweet, creamy coconut, milk and crushed ice

Strawberry Lemonade 4.25
Made with fresh, sweet strawberries

* Prices subject to change, please call restaurant for availability