Volcano Beef (Spicy) 9.50
Spicy seasoned beef, white onions, bell peppers, garnished with fried onion rings drizzled with Asian hot sauce

Saigon Black Pepper Beef 9.50
Lemon grass, garlic, green pepper, onion in a zesty Vietnamese black pepper sauce

Crispy Cherry Beef 9.75
Lightly battered, sliced crispy beef marinated in a sweet caramelized cherry glaze

Broccoli Trio 11.00
Beef, chicken and shrimp sautéed with broccoli

Sesame Beef (Spicy) 9.50
Lightly battered, crispy beef in a sesame, honey glaze

Beef with Snow Peas 9.50

Beef with Scallops 12.00
Tender beef, scallops with mixed Chinese vegetables served on a sizzling hot iron platter

Mongolian Trio (Spicy) 10.75
Beef, chicken and shrimp, green and white onions over a bed of crispy rice noodles

Mandarin Crispy Beef 9.75
Crispy beef marinated in a tangy sweet and sour orange glaze

Beef with Long Green Beans 9.50

Mongolian Beef (Spicy) 9.50
Sliced beef, green and white onion over a bed of crispy rice noodles sautéed with chili soy

Sizzling Beef 10.25
Beef, snow peas, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots prepared specially by our Chef, served on a sizzling hot iron platter

Beef with Broccoli 9.50

* Prices subject to change, call restaurant for availability